Affiliation: Originally born and educated in France, I moved to northern Canada in 2010. I have since worked for Icefield Instruments Inc., in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada) as a Design Manager. From time to time, I have the opportunity to act as a field service technician, which has brought me to extreme northern and southern locations. I previously worked in Europe as a tool and die maker, mechanical development specialist and even enjoyed a season as a ski resort technician.

Role in the Campaign : To perform consulting and training services for the Eclipse ice coring drill. I will ensure the correct maintenance and function of the equipment and supervise any need maintenance or repairs.

Interests : I enjoy having the opportunity to participate with the in-field operation of equipment that is designed and fabricated with my colleagues at Icefield. Over the years, I have had the benefit of working directly with the IPF (International Polar Foundation) team in Belgium and in Antarctica. Of course it is very important for us to have hands-on experience with the use of the equipment as we advance the design of glaciological equipment.

Experience in polar regions : This will be my 2nd Antarctic expeditions with the IPF. Previously, I have done various field trips in Northern Canada in my role with Icefield Instruments.

Hobbies and fun facts :
When not at work, I am passionate about outdoor activities such as ski mountaineering (the more extreme the better), pack rafting and sailing (perhaps a bit less extreme, I hope). Like others on the team, I enjoy winter — more exactly, spring!