Written by Sarah Wauthy

As we are now well installed on our main drilling site, it is time to describe a typical day for us. You are curious, aren’t you?

First, our day depends on the team you belong to as we are separated in two groups. No, we are not talking here about a football match.

Coming back on the organization, the first group wakes up around 7 AM for a breakfast around 7.30 and a working day between roughly 8 AM and 8 PM with a one-hour break for lunch at 12.30. This first group includes Nander, Sainan, Hugues and Christophe (our field guide).

The second group, the drilling team, works during night –between 9 PM and 9 AM- because of the too high temperatures during day that would melt the ice cores. It includes Jean-Louis, Mana, Etienne and me. Pierrick, our mechanics, contributes also to the drilling but he is not totally on the night shift as he has also activities during the day.

We adapt quit easily to this new timing as the sun shines 24 hours a day. Finally, the most complex thing is to remember if you have to say good morning or good evening when you meet someone from the other group.

In order to continue to spend time all together, a joint meal is organized at 8.30. This fits to everyone as some have their dinner while others have breakfast.

A dinner/breakfast in our kitchen

A dinner/breakfast in our kitchen

This makes a fancy mess in the kitchen with plates including very different dishes but this shared moment is very important. The day group also visits regularly the drilling tent, to give some help, say hello or brings hot coffee and tea. This is much appreciated, as the nights are cold!

The beginning and the end of the day also offer the opportunity to spend some time in the bathroom, with a timing for the showers planned over several days to avoid jams and be sure that water is available. We also share the housekeeping tasks such as preparing the meals, cleaning the dishes or filling in the snow melter in order to have water.

You are now aware of the organization of a day in Antarctica. Do not forget to continue to follow our campaign!