Nous vous souhaitons une bonne année 2019 depuis l’Antarctique !

By Hugues Goosse

2018 ended for us with a snow storm that is now over. Fortunately, our tents resisted well and stay dry although the snow drift was relatively strong.

The visibility was reduced to a few meters in those ‘white out’ conditions. During the storm, Pierrick, the mechanics of the team, pushed the snow away with the snow tractor to avoid a too large accumulation in the camp but he had to use the GPS to avoid hiding the snow wall that protects us from the wind !

It is hard to give the feeling of the ‘white out’ from a pictures but it is the view we had from our camp. The slightly darker spots in the middle of the pictures are the skidoos, about 10 meters away

In those circumstances, the ice drillers can continue to work as they are protected by their tent but, for the other ones, that should make experiments outside it is totally impossible. We can help the driller when needed. Otherwise, we stay in our warm kitchen, analysing the data collected in the previous days and preparing the next measurements. Continue reading