by Hugues Goosse

The group has left Princess Elisabeth station after breakfast December 12. For the travel, we were installed in the kitchen we will use on the field.

The team just before leaving the Princess Elisabeth station

As we were sometimes shaken heavily on the rough terrain, all out belongings, the material had to be safely stored and the furniture fixed on the ground.

The tractor pulling the containers

The speed was slow, between 5 and 10 km/h and we had to stop three times to refill the reservoirs of the tractors using the barrels. We also made a break close to a storage location of the International Polar Foundation.

With those stops, it took us about 20 hours to reach the camp location at about 100 km from the station.

We then set up the camp, building the tents.

The first night was nice and surprisingly warm. After a good breakfast, we are ready for our first measurements!

Our tents at the first field camp