Mission belge Antarctique 2018

Does your favourite Telecom operator provides roaming in Antarctica?

By Hugues Goosse

I have asked and, at least for me, the answer is no. It is not unexpected as of course there is no antenna for standard telephone services in Antarctica.

Telephone communications are possible, but using satellite phones. The price are lower than you can imagine. As for other telecom operators, the price depends of the company, the type of contract but it is possible to find rates lower 1 € per minute for calls and less than 0.5 € per text message. Data transfer is relatively expensive, with about 5 € per MB.

This requires a specific device for the call but, overall, the price is even lower to the ones for transcontinental calls of some operators if you do not have a special rate. Unfortunately, calling us in Antarctica is apparently five times more expensive.


  1. Stef Lhermitte

    Hi Hugues and friends,

    Thanks for the wonderful updates.

    I just detected the AWS team on satellite imagery near FK ice rise (https://twitter.com/StefLhermitte/status/1073728249413419008).

    Have a safe trip!


    • Frank

      I think it’s the whole team as they start all on FK ice rise. wonderful images though

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