By Mana Inoue

Science aside. I would like to talk about a very important facility for our life, The toilet. Yes, toilet. I did talk about this subject back in few years ago in the other field blog when I did my first trip to Antarctica with Australian project. Today, I would like to introduce how Belgian do.

Australian systems are very simple. Either do our small business towards to the pole, or big business in the bucket. When the last person nearly filled up the bucket, he/she needs to replace it to the new one. It sounds disgusting, and it is disgusting. Just because it’s really cold out there, everything freeze, and it doesn’t smell much.

Australian field toilet

Belgian “Japanese” field toilet

Belgian system, for the small business is same as Australian. Just aim to the pole. But for the big business, it is amazing. Antarctic expeditioners call it “Japanese toilet”, because Japanese Antarctic Expeditioner use this system and instruction is written in Japanese.

It is not like the one you may imagine that lots of buttons for cleaning your bottoms. But it has a nice disposal system. After we have done our big business, we press a button, wait for a couple of minutes, then our thing will be sealed in plastic bag nicely.

It is little bit like the movie “Martian”. Then we just need to pick the sealed bag and put them in a bin. Then finally it will be brought back to Cape Town. It’s clean and hygienic.

We deal with our own business each time. No one need to carry full of someone else’s sh!# to replace the bucket. This is such a luxury! Plus, this system is run by solar power. Personally, I was really amazed and impressed. This toilet definitely make our field life little easier, nicer and cleaner.

Well, that’s all for today from us. I hope this blog post answered some of your questions. Cheers.